JEMRIS  2.8.2
open-source MRI simulations
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CADCEventADC hardware event
 CAnalyticCoilPrototype of a Biot-Savart loop
 CAnalyticGradPulseGradient with analytic shape
 CAnalyticPulseShapePrepare and GiNaC evaluation of analytic pulse shapes
 CAnalyticRFPulseAnalytic RF pulse
 CAtomicSequenceAtomic sequence prototype
 CAttributeAttribute class. Attributes are private member variables of a Prototype which are accessible through XML and, thus, they are subject to observation mechanism
 CBinaryIOBase class for binary IO strategies
 CBiotSavartLoopPrototype of a Biot-Savart loop
 CBloch_CV_ModelNumerical solving of Bloch equations As an application of the CVODE solver by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Livermore, CA
 CBloch_McConnell_CV_ModelNumerical solving of Bloch equations As an application of the CVODE solver by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Livermore, CA
 CbmnvecStructure keeping the vectors for cvode
 CboxBox with diffusion connstant
 CCircleCircle for dynamic variables
 CCoilBase class of coil objects
 CCoilArrayCoil configuration and sensitivities
 CCoilPrototypeFactoryThis interface knows about coil prototypes
 CConcatSequenceConcat sequence prototype
 CConstantGradPulseGradient with constant amplitude
 CContainerPrototype of a Container
 CContainerSequencePrototype of a SequenceContainer
 CDelayAtomicSequencePrototype of a delay
 CDelayEventDelay hardware event
 CDynamicVariablesInstance class holding dynamic sample properties
 CEddyPulsePrototype of an Eddy pulse
 CEmptyPulsePrototype of an empty pulse
 CEnsembleSpin ensemble
 CEventBase class for hardware events
 CExternalCoilPrototype of an ideal coil
 CExternalGradPulseExternal gradient prototype
 CExternalPulseDataRead and retrieve data of external pulse shapes
 CExternalRFPulseRF pulse with external pulse shape
 CGaussianRFPulseGaussian shaped radio frequency pulses
 CGradEventGradient hardware event
 CGradPulseBase class and prototype for all gradient pulses
 CHardRFPulsePrototype for hard radio frequency pulses
 CHDF5IOHDF5 IO interface
 CHDF5Types< double >
 CHDF5Types< float >
 CHDF5Types< int >
 CHDF5Types< long >
 CHDF5Types< size_t >
 CIdealCoilPrototype of an ideal coil
 CMicrostructureMicrosructure base class
 CMicrostructureBoxesA microsructure composed of boxes
 CMicrostructureCrossingFiberMicrostructure consisting of crossing fibers
 CMicrostructureKissingFiberMicrostructure consisting of kissing fibers
 CMicrostructureSingleFiberMicrostructure consisting of parallel cylinders
 CModelBase class for MR model solver
 CModuleModule super class! ABC for all Objects in the sequence framework
 CModulePrototypeFactoryModule factory
 CMpi2EvolutionPure virtual class; provides methods to write evolution file using parallel I/O
 CNDDataSimple nd-data structure
 CneuronDefinition of a neuron/axon for the Microstructure
 CnvecStructure keeping the vectors for cvode
 COutputSequenceDataMaintain libraries of hardware events and write sequence file
 CParametersWorld parameters provide the parametric data of the sequence
 CPrototypePrototype super class
 CPrototypeFactoryBase class for prototype factories
 CPulsePulse Super Class. ABC for all RF and gradient pulses
 CRepIterA super-simple iterator for counting the repetitions of a concat sequence
 CRepositorySignal repository structure
 CRFEventRF hardware event
 CRFPulseSuper class for all RF pulses
 CSampleThe Sample is the object to simulate. It contains the spins
 CSampleReorderShuffleShuffles the order in which spins are simulated
 CSampleReorderStrategyInterfaceBase class for different sample reorder strategies
 CSechRFPulseSech shaped radio frequency pulses
 CSeqBlockSequence block for execution on hardware
 CSequenceSuper class for all sequence (non-pulse) modules
 CSequenceTreeTree representation of the sequence
 CSignalThe signal store and IO
 CSimulatorThe simulator
 CSincRFPulseThe prototype for Sinc RF Pulse
 CSpinContainer of spins
 CSpiralGradPulsePrototype of a spiral gradient as described by Pauly et al
 CStrXSimple class for transcoding sax errors to the machines locale
 CTrajectoryContext class for trajectories (design pattern: Strategy)
 CTrajectory1DOne-dimensional Trajectory
 CTrajectoryDiffusionDiffusion trajectory of a spin
 CTrajectoryEmptyThe "do nothing"-strategy
 CTrajectoryFlowFlow Trajectory
 CTrajectoryInterfacePure virtual base class for all Trajectories
 CTrajectoryMotionMotion Trajectory
 CTrajectoryT2sStrategy for T2s; needs some extra handling for GetValueDerived
 CTrapGradPulsePrototype of a trapezoidal gradient pulse (e.g. for cartesian k-space imaging)
 CTriangleGradPulseGradient with constant amplitude
 CtripleCartesians positions for diffusion trajectory of a spin
 CTxRxPhasePhase physics super class
 CWorldSingleton with information about the simulation of the current spin
 CXMLIOXML file-IO class

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