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MicrostructureKissingFiber Class Reference

Microstructure consisting of kissing fibers. More...

#include <MicrostructureKissingFiber.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetFiberDirections (triple dir1, triple dir2)
void SetRadius (double r_a, double r_m=0)
void SetKissing (bool flag)
void SetD (double D, int index)
virtual double GetD (int LastId=-1, int shellid=-1)
virtual void IndexObject (triple pos, int &LastId, int &shellid)
void DumpStructure ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Microstructure
void SetExternalDiffusionConstant (double d)
bool isInsideBox (triple pos)
triple PeriodicBoundary (triple trialpos)
void SetBoxSize (double size)
double GetBoxSize ()

Private Member Functions

double GetPointDistance (const triple test, const neuron &tmp)

Private Attributes

vector< neuronm_axons
double m_D [2]
bool m_is_kissing

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Microstructure
double m_boxsize
double m_D_external
RNG * m_rng

Detailed Description

Microstructure consisting of kissing fibers.

Kissing fiber model: use two cylinders, placed on origin. for crossing fibers: cylinder 1 is object 0, cylinder 2 is object 1. for kissing fibers: cyl 1+2 with x<0 is object 0, cyl 1+2 with x>0 is object 1.

Member Function Documentation

§ GetD()

double MicrostructureKissingFiber::GetD ( int  LastId = -1,
int  shellid = -1 

returns Diffusion constant. unit: mm^2/ms

Reimplemented from Microstructure.

§ IndexObject()

void MicrostructureKissingFiber::IndexObject ( triple  pos,
int &  LastId,
int &  shellid 

return index of Microstructure object; -1 -> outside. shellid: object may have multiple layer (myelinated axon). id of layer; shellid = -1 -> object has no layers. LastId: during tracking of spin: object where last position was in.

Reimplemented from Microstructure.

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