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TrajectoryDiffusion Class Reference

Diffusion trajectory of a spin. More...

#include <TrajectoryDiffusion.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void LoadFile (string filename)
 load trajectory from file
virtual void GetValueDerived (double time, double *pos)
 retrieve value at given time-point
virtual void UpdateTrajectory (bool init)
void DumpTrajectory (string filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrajectoryInterface
void GetValue (double time, double *value)
bool spinActivation (long currentSpin)
 get spin current state : true=active, false=unactive
void setCurrentTraj (long currentTraj)
 set trajectory number associated to current spin
long getCurrentTraj ()
 get trajectory number associated to current spin
void setLoop (double loopDuration, long loopTrajNumber)
 set loop parameters for periodic flow

Private Member Functions

string GetAttr (DOMElement *element, string key)
DOMElement * GetElem (string name)
void GenerateDiffusionTrajectory ()
void CalcY ()
void SetSeed (long seed)
void ProjectPosition (triple &pos, triple dir)

Private Attributes

vector< triplem_pos
vector< triplem_y
unsigned long m_seed
RNG * m_rng
double m_timestep
long m_max_timesteps
modes m_mode
vector< int > m_dump_index
int m_diff_dimension
DOMTreeErrorReporter * m_domtree_error_rep
DOMDocument * m_dom_doc

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TrajectoryInterface
int GetLowerIndex (double time)
 find data index for interpolation get lower index for given timepoint using hunt search algorithm.
- Protected Attributes inherited from TrajectoryInterface
int m_LastHuntIndex
vector< double > m_time
vector< vector< double > > m_time_full
long m_currentSpinIndex
long m_trajLoopNumber
double m_trajLoopDuration
bool m_spinActive

Detailed Description

Diffusion trajectory of a spin.

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