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TrajectoryDiffusion Class Reference

Diffusion trajectory of a spin. More...

#include <TrajectoryDiffusion.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void LoadFile (string filename)
 load trajectory from file
virtual void GetValueDerived (double time, double *pos)
 retrieve value at given time-point
virtual void UpdateTrajectory (bool init)
void DumpTrajectory (string filename)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrajectoryInterface
void GetValue (double time, double *value)

Private Member Functions

string GetAttr (DOMElement *element, string key)
DOMElement * GetElem (string name)
void GenerateDiffusionTrajectory ()
void CalcY ()
void SetSeed (long seed)
void ProjectPosition (triple &pos, triple dir)

Private Attributes

vector< triplem_pos
vector< triplem_y
unsigned long m_seed
RNG * m_rng
double m_timestep
long m_max_timesteps
modes m_mode
vector< int > m_dump_index
int m_diff_dimension
DOMTreeErrorReporter * m_domtree_error_rep
DOMDocument * m_dom_doc

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from TrajectoryInterface
int GetLowerIndex (double time)
 find data index for interpolation get lower index for given timepoint using hunt search algorithm.
- Protected Attributes inherited from TrajectoryInterface
int m_LastHuntIndex
vector< double > m_time

Detailed Description

Diffusion trajectory of a spin.

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