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TPOI::set Struct Reference

The set of data of each time point of interest. More...

#include <TPOI.h>

Public Member Functions

 set (const double time, const double phase=-1., const size_t mask=0)
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

double dtime
double dphase
size_t bmask

Detailed Description

The set of data of each time point of interest.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ set()

TPOI::set::set ( const double  time,
const double  phase = -1.,
const size_t  mask = 0 


timeThe time from start of the pulse 0.
phasePhase lock, if this TPOI is an ADC.

Member Data Documentation

§ bmask

size_t TPOI::set::bmask

Qualifier bit mask

§ dphase

double TPOI::set::dphase

particular corresponding reciever phase.

§ dtime

double TPOI::set::dtime

particular time point of this set.

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